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Process equipment

Kaiyuan Electrical Power Wear Resistant Materials Co, Ltd (KAIYUAN COMPANY) owns most advanced technology and perfect equipment and adheres to ISO9001 standards strictly. KAIYUAN COMPANY owns two automatic sand production lines, two automatic metal mold production line, six automatic quenching production lines, twenty medium frequency stoves, eight tempering stoves, and 35KV power substation. 

Relying on advanced equipment and technology, KAIYUAN COMPANY  has being establishing long-term cooperative relationship with metallurgy, cement, water coal slurry, new construction materials and magnetic materials industries and offer high-quality, specialized and all-round service to customers and actively participate in the enterprise of energy-saving and environment protection.

Automatic  Quenching  Spot

Temperature Casting Machine

Shooting-sand Molding Machine

Regenerative Processing System of Foundry Sand





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