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Steel grinding rod

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Steel grinding rod is widely used as wear resistant materials in rod mill in mining, cement factories, power plants, Coal slurry plant, quartz sand, silica sand plant chemical factory etc.
Production Process:
Raw material inspection---cutting---cutting grinding burr---furnace heating---straightening---quenching---tempering---inspection---packaging
Product Features and Advantages:
Made of high quality steel and advanced heat treatment line, production of various specifications of excellent hardness and wear performance level steel grinding rod in accordance with customer requirements.
wear resistance, no broken, no bend, no tapered ends. The inner structure of steel grinding rod is compact,compression resistance, good hardenability, small internal stress. Properties of Steel grinding rod are low wear, high hardness, strong toughness, the wear effect is 1.5-2 times of ordinary rolling rod, saving significant cost for customers.
Wear life is several times longer than ordinary steel rod, not only save cost but also reduce the rod change time and improve customer productivity.
Usually it is steel strapping, package can be in accordance with customer requirements
Quality System:
Quality control and management system passed the ISO9001 certification.

Technical parameter:

Diameter(ΦMM)     30-50        60-70        75-90       100-120          130                 Hardness

Length (M)      2.96-3.5      3.5-4.5      4.5-6.0   Agreement    Agreement          25-35HRC/ 35-45HRC/ 45-60HRC/ 60HRC以上

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