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Electrolytic Aluminium Crust Breaker

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Electrolytic aluminium crust breaker is mainly used in the electrolytic aluminum crust breaking and feeding system.

Product features and advantages:

The crust breaker is co-develped by Kaiyuan and Chinese Academy of Sciences and a number of known universities. It use a special composite material and manufacturing technology, coat the substrate surface with a layer of special composite material to promote the combination of cladding material and substrate, forming a layer of wear resistant coating with smooth surface and firmly bonded with the substrate, greatly improving the wear and corrosion high temperature performance. The coating protect breaker from wear and corrosion, indirectly improving liquid aluminum purity. Meanwhile, the weight of crust breaker reduce by about 15kg, thus reducing the energy consumption of electrolytic tank.Kaiyuan can customize preparation of composite material and process optimization according to the user needs, product life span can be ranged from 12 months to 24 months.


The product is used by the CHINALCO subordinate units. Results show that the product life span and liquid aluminum purity was substantial increasing, the user production cost reduced and added-value of products increased.


Packaging according to customer's requirements.

Quality control:

The company quality control and management system certified ISO9001.

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