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Ways to affecting the life of liner of ball mill

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To extend the service life of liners of ball mill, we should know which factors influence them. 

First. Grinding media material
The hardness of the grinding media is the main basis that determines the liner plate wear, the higher hardness of the grinding media, the shorter service life of the liner, on the contrary, if the grinding media is with a lower hardness, the service life of the liner will be prolonged.

Second. Operation conditions
Adjusting undeservedly makes the ball mill running at a short position.

Third. The quality of liners of ball mill
The main parameters affecting the anti-wear effect is matching of the two index of hardness and impacting toughness of liner material. If the liner plate has a higher hardness, which means it has a good wear resistance, and the two factors basically is a proportional relationship. The impacting energy depends on the size of the diameter of steel ball and grinding tube.

Fourth. Manufacture technology of ball mill
The performance of the lining plate generally include the following two: one is to protect the cylinder; another is that the liner plate rotates at a specific speed to raise the ball to the required height to achieve the desired effect. The quality of the liner plate is also direct factor affecting the normal operation of the mill.

In conclusion, those above are the main factors which influence the service life of liners of ball mill. Therefore, operators should take these factors into consideration. 

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