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New aluminum crust breaker of KAIYUAN went into mass production stage

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Recently, a new aluminum crust breaker which jointly developed by KAIYUAN, Chinese Academy of Sciences and well-known domestic universities went into mass production stage. The new aluminum crust breaker used "the aluminum industry-specific composite coating" manufacturing technology and special composite material, took three years to complete and finally developed after a lot of trial.
"The aluminum industry-specific composite coating" is a common substrate surface melt covered with a layer of special composite materials, promoting the integration of composite material and substrate, formed a wear coating layer with a smooth surface combining with substrate, greatly improving the wear and corrosion high temperature performance of crust breaker. Meanwhile, the weight of crust breaker reduced about 15KG, decreasing the consumption of cell drive energy. This technology is at the international advanced level, and has applied for national patents.
Current aluminum crust breaker is mostly low carbon steel, high manganese steel or alloy steel. Due to high temperature reaction and corrosion in aluminum production, the lifetime of crust breaker is generally short as 2- 6 months, seriously affected the aluminum production efficiency and cost. The heat-resistant alloy steel is a little longer, but due to a large number of alloying elements doped with crust breaker, its weight increased significantly (approximately 20 kg), increasing drive energy simultaneously, consuming a lot of time and labor at replacement. Meanwhile, the consuming loss make a large number of iron and other harmful elements into the liquid aluminum, seriously affected the product quality, increased user purification costs and reduced product competitiveness.
The new crust hammer of KAIYUAN can resist wear, corrosion, and high temperature, greatly extending the lifetime and decreasing user cost, improving work efficiency, especially molten aluminum purity is improved. The product lifetime can be ranged from 12 month to 24 month through the preparation of composite material and process optimization according to user needs. Here the product is used by CHALCO subordinate units, greatly increasing the lifetime and liquid aluminum purity, customer satisfaction improved.

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