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  • Top 1 Cemented Carbide Cutting Tools Supplier In China

    Zhuzhou Cemented Carbide Cutting Tools Co, Ltd. (ZCC?CT) was established in the Zhuzhou high-tech Industry and development Zone in June 2002. As the subsidiary of the China Tungsten High-tech Materials, ZCC?CT also takes an essential position in the China Minmetals Corporation.

    ZCC?CT built up the world class production lines of indexable inserts, tool holders, solid carbide drilling tool, end mills and etc. The combination of production, sales, and R&D brings ZCC?CT to the leading position of the tungsten carbide cutting tools supplier in China.

  • High Competence Along The Entire Value Chain

    An important feature of ZCC?CT is that it is a member of a major Chinese business organization called The Minmetals Group. Minmetals owns rich mine resources from which it extracts, processes and then controls the production of the tungsten carbide ores that makes carbide cutting tools. Over 80% of the worlds’ resource of tungsten carbide ores are to be found in China, the majority of which are owned by Minmetals Group.

  • A Member Of  China Minmetals Corporation

    China Minmetals Corporation is the tenth-largest enterprise in China with over 200,000 employees also a Fortune 500 Company. Their abundant mine resources and professional processing facilities guaranteed reliable supply of the most important raw materials used in the production of cutting tools. The raw material is then processed into powders, rods and blanks by another subsidiary in the group called Zhuzhou Cemented Carbide (ZCC). These processed blanks are then finally converted into a vast range of cutting tools by ZCC Cutting Tools.