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Anti-epidemic efforts and production resumption of ZCCCT with full power


 Anti-epidemic efforts and production resumption of ZCCCT with full power.

With great efforts to fight the epidemic, Zhuzhou Cemented Carbide Cutting Tool Co., Ltd. has actively exerted its rigorous work style. On the basis of safety and order control it has officially started production recently.

At the entrance of the factory, all personnel and vehicles should be registered and measured of temperature. At present, 60% of the company's employees have come back to work. These employees are locals who have not left Zhuzhou during the Spring Festival or people from other places who have been separated for more than 14 days and confirmed safe. The company provided protective materials such as masks and gloves for all employees. Offices and factories are disinfected every day. The meal-having adopts a split-peak system and a delivery system. Staff stand in queues for a meal separated at a distance of 1.5 meters. It is strictly forbidden to talk at meals.

Since the company's production environment requires constant temperature and humidity, air conditioners must be turned on. Therefore, a team of more than 10 people was arranged to disinfect the air outlets every day. Since the company resumed work on February 10, "people are on a break", and employees "three shifts" to catch orders that need to be delivered in March.

Affected by the epidemic, the company's production and delivery pressure is relatively large. If products cannot be delivered on time, it may affect other downstream industries. Therefore, we are currently working hard to ensure that the company can achieve its goals throughout the year while winning the counterattack of the epidemic, while ensuring that the production of various related industries is not affected.